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Renew Your LWV Membership Online

Membership dues for this local League are payable every September.

If you are not yet a member, you may join online or join by mail.
Questions about your membership status? Contact the Membership Director: .

There are two dues sections below:

Key Points
  • We ask all members to pay dues once a year in September.
  • Renewal in 2017 extends your membership to September 2018.
  • For $70 in dues receipts we pay $61 to higher levels of the LWV and $2.33 in PayPal fees, leaving our local League with $6.67.
  • Extra donations remain with our local League and help keep our dues affordable.

Annual Dues

Most members owe dues for one year and can follow these steps:
1) Select your dues rate in the first box below, enter data for the one or two members you are renewing, and hit "Add to Cart".
2) Use "Continue shopping" (upper right of shopping cart) to return here.
3) Add dues payment for another member in your household, or scroll down to add a donation.

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* The student rate is available to anyone enrolled full or part-time at an accredited institution.

Partial-Year Dues

If you joined our local League after September 30, 2016, you only owe partial-year dues to extend your membership to September 2018. To find what you owe, see the renewal notice mailed to you in early September or write to You may also choose to pay the full annual dues: scroll up to the previous section.

To pay partial-year dues:
1) Enter names and emails for all members renewing in your household.
2) After hitting "Add to Cart" increase "Quantity" in the cart for the $1.00 dues until the total dues matches what you owe.
3) Use "Continue shopping" (upper right of shopping cart) to return here and scroll down to add a donation to your dues payment.

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Add donation with dues renewal

Choose one of the donation options with a pre-set amount. Or, choose the "Other" $1.00 donation and then adjust it to your desired amount by increasing "Quantity" in the shopping cart after you click "Add to Cart".

General Fund Donation (not deductible)

Education Fund Donation (tax deductible)

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PayPal Tips

  • Confirm items & amounts in your shopping cart before paying.
  • "Remove" erroneous items from your cart or adjust quantities. Note: hitting "Add to Cart" more than once may cause erroneous quantities.
  • Return from the cart to this webpage by clicking "Continue shopping" (upper right of cart). If you don't do this, the "Add to Cart" and "View Cart" buttons may seem not to function properly.
  • PayPal sends you an email confirmation of your transaction.
  • You do NOT have to create a PayPal account to pay with a credit card.

Thanks for renewing your League membership!